3 Ways REIT's Remain Resilient During the Pandemic

3 Ways REIT’s Remain Resilient During the Pandemic

Throughout the pandemic, we have all seen the unfortunate impact on the market and various revenue streams. As with any financial turmoil, there is an opportunity to stabilize and assess the challenges. REIT’s overall have done an outstanding job at emerging even stronger and more resilient this past year. Of course, there have been obstacles for REIT’s during the pandemic as there have with any other investment vehicle. But, the difference lies in the way that REIT’s are managed and the accelerated importance placed on them during the pandemic. But Why are REIT’s able to withstand the pandemic and emerge stronger than ever?

  1. Regulatory Actions and Auditing- Durig the unknown of the pandemic, the actions of auditors and Fund managers have proved long-standing credibility. While many may think that COVID has caused uncertainty, it is actually the exact opposite when it comes to REIT’s. When you choose to put your money in a REIT, your investment is tracked and continuously monitored by Investment officers, analysts, and auditors that provide extra protection. For example, the ZINC Income Fund has doubled down on regulatory actions and has maintained transparency with its investors throughout the entirety of the uncertain past year and continues to do so. 
  2. Simple Collateral Classes- REIT’s like the ZINC Income Fund, that stick to simple collateral classes that are mainstream can withstand calamities. For example, no matter what happens, individuals will always need to buy gasoline. Similarly, ZINC lends on a needed asset; housing. Therefore, even in times of uncertainty, REIT’s, like the ZINC Income Fund will be able to hedge against financial hardships.
  3. Protection against inflation- Inflation has been on the minds of many this past year and many investors are turning to REIT’s to protect their investment. The ZINC Income Fund and other similar REIT’s are known to be significantly less impacted by inflation. This is because property values increase as prices do. 

In uncertain times it is especially important that investors receive trustworthy and transparent management of their investment. The ZINC Income Fund provides accredited investors with a better way to build wealth. To learn more about the fund, click here and our investor relations officer will reach out with more information.