Building Passive Income through the ZINC Income Fund

Everyone has dreams of earning money in their sleep. But what if you actually can?! This is known as passive income. In other words, passive income is a cash stream that demands little effort to maintain. Many investment vehicles generate income, but not all of them are considered passive, as they require a lot of time and effort. But don’t worry, ZINC has you covered! The ZINC Income Fund is a mortgage fund with a sub-REIT feature that provides investors with a better way to build wealth, through passive income. 

Investors that want to build wealth without the hassle of buying and managing properties are turning to REITS. For example, through the ZINC Income Fund, investors reap the benefit of a hassle-free, transparent investment. Alternative investments, like the ZINC Income Fund, are passive and are managed for you.  So you are earning income without lifting a finger! REITs also provide higher returns than non-passive investment vehicles! 

passive income

For more information about the ZINC Income fund click here! The Zinc Income Fund provides detailed tracking and risk management o all investors so that they can earn money with little to no effort.