About Us
About Us

Founded in 2006 by real estate veteran and entrepreneur, Todd Pigott, ZINC was established to serve as the premier private money lender for real estate entrepreneurs seeking speed, reliability, and consulting experience.

About Us

ZINC offers accredited investors the opportunity to participate in these first-lien collateral-backed real estate loans via trust deed investments. There is also a strong alignment of interest, as ZINC’s principals actively invest alongside investors in these loans.

ZINC effectively loans to real estate investors who buy, rehab, and re-sell distressed properties. The borrowed funds are used to quickly purchase houses before their competition and finance the necessary repairs. Upon completion, the properties are typically sold for a quick, significant profit. Real estate investors pay a premium to utilize ZINC’s funds, as they are more concerned with the speed and reliability of capital rather than the underlying costs.

As a result, a trust deed investor benefits from both higher interest rates and short duration loans that are often written for less than 12 months. ZINC believes that in addition to meaningful investor benefits, trust deed investments create a symbiotic relationship with the real estate entrepreneurs, allowing them to pursue opportunities to rehabilitate homes in the neighborhoods where we live and work.

How Does a Trust Deed Investment Work?
A securitized investment, by way of a perfected lien, in which a lender provides a loan to a borrower to purchase a specific piece of real property
ZINC Income Fund
  • Provides loan capital
  • Trust deed holder
The perfected lien against the property (deed of trust) is formally recorded and held by the lender until the loan and interest is repaid in full
ZINC Financial Inc.
  • Unites the capital source and borrower
  • Underwrite and service
of the Lien
Once repaid, the lender issues a reconveyance of the lien, releasing the full interest of the property back to the borrower
Real Estate Investor
  • Seek financing to purchase distressed property to rehab

3rd party granted the power to enact foreclosure on behalf of the lender in the unlikely event the borrower defaults

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