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The ZINC Difference.
Unique Vertical Integration Structure

ZINC Income Fund capitalizes on the opportunity to invest in collateral-backed real estate loans occupying a unique position with principal protection coupled with high yields and consistent income. As a vertically integrated organization, the Fund solely funds the private lending notes for ZINC Financial.

ZINC Financial has excelled as the premier private money lender for investment rehab lending while providing investors with an attractive, risk-adjusted investment by acting as a capital provider to these borrowers. With hundreds of millions in private loans funded, all with annual yields of between 7%-10% and a loss ratio of less than 1/8%, there is a demonstrated history of the solid performance of ZINC’s lending platform.

ZINC Financial’ s loan products are not subprime hard money loans to distressed people; rather ZINC’s average borrower has prime credit, a solid cash down payment, and extensive exposure to real estate. Simply put, these are solid borrowers who are willing to pay higher rates for ZINC’s ability to finance distressed properties with speed and efficiency, something conventional banks are typically prohibited to lend on.

ZINC Financial, Inc. is a licensed lender with the State of California (License #6073431) and is regularly inspected and audited by the State’s Department of Financial Protection and Innovation.