ZINC Income Fund Third Quarter 2022 Performance Update

As investors search for risk mitigated yielding investments, the ZINC Income Fund continues to perform well. In third quarter 2022, the fund delivered an annualized return of 8.32%, its highest quarter since inception. The increase in return to investors was fueled by a 1% increase in loan rates during the quarter. This rate increase should lead to higher fund returns over the next year as lower rate loans are replaced with loans that reflect the rate increase.
The fund remains well diversified with 99 loans, 81 of those in California, an average loan size of $300,000, a 64.27% average loan to after repaired value and an average borrower FICO score of 715.

Overall, the fund continues to deliver for investors and projects to increase its return over the next year. Since Inception, the fund has provided over $51 million across 189 loans distributing an annualized return of 8.10%.

The ZINC Income Fund adheres to a strict strategy focused on mitigating investment risk. The fund strategy includes:

  • Provide short term loans up to 12 months in a niche real estate market
  • Target prime borrowers, average fund FICO score of 714
  • Spread risk across multiple loans, with no one loan being more than 2% of the fund’s capital
  • Concentrate on California borrowers with diversification in 9 other states
  • Service loans in house to ensure timely monthly installments and re-payment of debt


Interested in learning how you can start earning an attractive risk adjusted 8% yield from the ZINC Income Fund? Click here to request the offering documents for the fund.