VIDEO: ZINC's Principal Updates Performance
and Market Conditions

ZINC’s Principal Todd Pigott recently met with investors to review the Fund’s current performance, effects of residential housing market trends and how ZINC is adjusting to continue to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns. In the presentation, which you can watch below, Todd covered:

  • The state & performance of the fund.
  • Where is the market trending and how the fund will pivot to account for the trends.
  • Insight on Federal Housing Statistics and National Real Estate metrics, and how we use these metrics to limit risk.
  • New underwriting criteria for ZINC’s products; past, present, and future.
  • Rates and how they affect the private money lending market and ZINC.
  • Distressed housing, rehab evaluation, and defined exit strategies for our asset class.

As a potential investor in the fund, we wanted to share this presentation for you to understand how ZINC monitors the housing market and what ZINC is doing to ensure it meets the Fund’s objectives for its investors.

After hearing from Todd, if you have any questions about the fund CLICK HERE to learn more or contact us directly at 559-326-2509.